Monthly Archives: March 2017


48hrs in Budapest! (A photo series)

Such a beautiful place! If there is one city you go to this year, make it Budapest. Cake, coffee, thermal baths, 22 wine regions (Hungary) and amazing local cuisine!   

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Fashion Stories for BAA Heathrow

The first series of images for BAA fashion catalogues. Images are used to make brochures for luxury fashion stores in the various terminals at Heathrow. A special thanks going to the super talented Jo Clayton […]

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Xtend Barre……the adventure continues!

Meet me at the Barre, as they say at Xtend Barre Marylebone! A sea of delicate hands float gently towards the ceiling as my lens fogs up from the high octane workout! More images from […]

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Snowshoe Colorado!

Continuing on from January’s adventures in the Alpes, this month we’re in Colorado for it’s pristine champagne snow conditions and amazing weather during the month of March. As you can see we were heavily rewarded! […]

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